Digitally Guided Implants



Comfortable. High-Tech. Fast.

If you’ve had to part ways with one or more of your natural teeth, dental implants can be an excellent option to fill those spaces. Implants allow you to chew food normally and help prevent bone loss in your jaw. They’re more comfortable than dentures, partials, or bridges, and can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are posts placed into the jaw where the tooth root used to be located. The posts fuse with the bone in your jaw and serve as a strong anchor to attach replacement teeth.

We use the latest technology called DIOnavi

With the personalized, minimally invasive DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedure, there is no surgical incision, and recovery is quick without the complications that come with an incision-based procedure. Conventional implant techniques require a surgical incision and recovery time can be slow and painful due to swelling and risk of infection.

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